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Managers & Staff Complete CITB COVID Courses

optimum group bristol

In November 2020, a new e-course was launched by the CITB which educates on Covid-19: Setting up and operating a safe construction site. This was introduced after the Office for National Statistics released figures in mid-2020 showing that men working in occupations including construction had the highest Covid-19 death rate of all categories of employment.

This course has been designed to strengthen ongoing pandemic preparedness so that managers and supervisors can deliver toolbox talks to their teams on topics including:

  • • Understanding how a virus spreads
  • • Social distancing
  • • Current legislative guidance
  • • Risk management


With this course being made so accessible by the Construction Industry Training Board, Optimum encouraged members from our management team and staff to engage in this free course which positively prepares them for setting up sites in the safe and correct manner during this ongoing global pandemic.

We have been delighted and encouraged by the growing number of our staff who have taken the time to complete the course and we have listed their names below as well as links to their certificates:


We’d like to thank the CITB for providing such an easily accessible and relevant course, we will be looking out for more in the near future as we are always seeking new opportunities to train and upskill our workforce within the industry.